Espresso Pod Machines - Brew Espresso In Just Three Easy Steps!

Enjoying an aromatic cup of coffee has been a common past-time for many decades. Initially used for its stimulating effects, coffee is now appreciated all over the world for its delicious taste, vast array of flavours and its socializing effects.

Every major city boasts a plethora of coffee shops, whether they are big chain retailers or cozy neighbourhood shops. Over the years as java beverages have drastically risen in popularity, new products have surfaced that make specialty coffee drinks much more accessible for personal brewing. Espresso pods are a prime example of this.

Espresso Pods

Espresso Pods also called Easy Serving Espresso (ESE) pods, follow the E.S.E. standard, ensuring that every one meets the following criteria:

The E.S.E. standard means that every espresso pod is compatible with most espresso machines, regardless of the manufacturer or retailer. It is important to note the following two factors of espresso pods:

  1. Espresso pods do not work with capsule-based espresso machines; and
  2. Espresso pods produce the best results when used with espresso machines that are designed specifically for use with espresso pods.
Cap Mundo Yrgacheffe

Cap Mundo Yrgacheffe Espresso pods

Cap Mundo coffee pods work with Nespresso espresso machine brewers. The Yrgacheffe brings sought-after premium african coffee beans right to your home with the push of a button!

Espresso Pod Advantages

The many advantages of espresso pods are what have made them so successful, especially within the realm of office-use and home-use. These popular pods have eliminated many of the complicated steps involved in espresso brewing that were previously reserved for baristas. As a result, it's not only easier to make espresso, but it’s faster as well.

One of the greatest benefits of espresso pods is the fact that the precise measuring and tamping is already done for the individual. The user does not have to worry about grinding the beans correctly or distributing the grinds evenly. Bar pressure and knowing when to pull or stop the shot is also no longer a concern. All of these skilled details are irrelevant since espresso pods are pre-measured and pre-packed. In order to enjoy a steaming cup of espresso, one simply has to:

  1. Place the espresso pod into the basket;
  2. Add water; and
  3. Press the button to begin brewing.

Even clean-up is made easier with espresso pods. With traditional espresso brewing methods, clean-up requires much more time and attention. If grinds are not properly cleaned from the machine and begin to build-up, it can cause serious and costly damage to the espresso unit. With espresso pods, this is no longer an issue since the coffee grinds are contained within the pod. There are no loose grinds to worry about.

Espresso pods are a great alternative to traditional ways of brewing espresso. They are an excellent choice for use within an office space or home due to the minimal training required and the significantly faster brewing and cleaning time that it offers.

Easy Serving Espresso Pod Machines

I used to work at a little retail shop which also had a small cafe inside. We used one of the espresso pod machines and it was certainly a surprise to me how simple and quick it was. Literally just put the pod in and wait for the water to heat up which only take a few moments. You press start and moments later you have piping hot, delicious espresso with absolutely no clean up. The pods are pierced at the top and the water filters through, meaning no grinds ever touch the machine, making cleanup as simple as removing the handle and dumping out the pod. This is a great process, especially when you are not quite awake because it is totally fool-proof.

Home Brewed Espresso Made Easy

If you are one of the many emerging espresso lovers, maybe an espresso machine for your home is the way to go. To some, the thought of brewing espresso at home might conjure up thoughts of underground beans, or weak tasting espresso, not to mention the mess of clean up! Well the answer is in the espresso pods! The grind is perfect, as is the amount of grind in each pod. All you do is put it in the machine, add water, brew and enjoy! Espresso pods are made according to the E.S.E Standard (Easy Serving Espresso) so there is no concern about whether you are using the right pod for your machine. I don't think home espresso making gets any easier, or tastier, than this!


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